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Browse the site for reviews and information on some of our favorite hardware and software. There's a new download for Quick Wapscout, a single file menu system for your cellphone. It's a fast and simple system you can upload to your webserver and get customized links for your phone.

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We've added photos and examples of the products like network cameras.


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Recommended: YES / Cost: $70

The story here isn't about this particular brand as much as it is about the new applications available to run on any large USB flash drive. Everyone is getting into the act and we come out the winners!

Read the Review of the San Disk Mini-Cruzer


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Build Your Own WAP Homepage

Difficulty: Beginner

Requires: Any Web Site

Cellphone Home PageThere's a new "Quick Wapscout" file on the "Download Menu to the right. Small and fast, this version will give you 20 links for your cell phone.

Life's too short for a boring home page for your cell phone. Put some life into it with "nearly live" images from your network camera or webcam. Don't have one? You can use a live image from the Eiffel Tower or most other webcam sites!

We'll give you a few templates similar to what's in the photo here. The small image file works as a menu just by pressing the corresponding keys on your phone's numeric keypad.

Build a WAP Site

how bad is that traffic jam?

Difficulty: Beginner

Requires: Any Web Site

You don't need much to create your own navigation system for your cellphone. Work with the existing network of cameras fromView Traffic Conditions on Your Phone your State or City's Dept. of Transportation and quickly check out local traffic conditions.

Gearscout shows you how to set one up with a simple text menu that will let you check several cameras within a minute. Keep your phone costs down while you keep up to speed with traffic conditions. This is a simple, but truly useful addition to any cell phone...customize it just for you!

Create a Live Navigation System

Put Phone Photos and Video on Your Web Site...


Difficulty: Intermediate

Requires: PHP-enabled website

See Gearscout's MMS Server in ActionIt's called MMS Messaging. Typically, you pay to upload your photos and videos (Multi-Media Messages) to your service providers website. But with a PHP- enabled web site and a small amount of effort, you can send them directly to your own Visitors can add comments to photos, too. We'll point you to where you can download free scripts. Download the free scripts from Humpa at the link below. The latest scripts have been developed to take advantage of image-editing programs on the server (ImageMagick) that allow you to improve the quality of your shots without taking them down off the web site. Support for viewing/deleting your pictures right from your cellphone, too.

Download Humpa_MMS

See Our MMS Server in Action